With Carpio, America rules the Philippines

Carpio advocates to bringing about the Philippines’s Armageddon?

Source: https://www.manilatimes.net/with-carpio-america-rules-the-philippines/454380/

As far back as the intensification of the Obama pivot to Asia in 2012…the US must fight a similar proxy war  with China to exercise its assertiveness in the region. For fighting such a war, the US has no one else to turn to for a theater than the Philippines, given the country’s geographical location as well as its continuing military ties with the US, through the MDT, the VFA and the EDCA.


 An outburst of armed hostilities between the US and China in the South China Sea may not yet be the kind of nuclear confrontation that could lead to mutual annihilation of the belligerents. Expert analysts place damage in such war as controllable on either side. That was what has happened in Syria. No substantial damage was sustained by either US or Russia in their homelands. But what happened to Syria? The country has been reduced to smithereens. That’s just the kind of senseless shredding the Philippines will suffer if China and the US went all out in their military confrontation over the South China Sea.


With Carpio… a foreign power need no longer launch an armed invasion to capture the Philippines. Just seize the head of the Supreme Court and you get your military objectives done.

Carpio lies again world power help1

In 1991, the Senate voted against the extension of the military bases agreement between the Philippines and the United States. Thus were all America’s military installations in the country dismantled… the US resorted to the sinister plan of separating Mindanao from the Philippine Republic through the MILF insurgency.

An independent Mindanao could open frontiers for new US military bases. However, with the failure of the MOA-AD reached by the MILF with the Philippine government in 2012, the US came up with a cleverer, much easier gambit: the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

By this maneuver, the US need no longer build its own bases in the Philippines but instead just use all the bases of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for US military purposes. It took just acquiescence from President Noynoy Aquino, and presto, the US got AFP installations for its objectives, including storage of nuclear weapons.


China is not stupid not to see through this ploy. And its various spokesmen have been all very candid in saying that in the event of a US attack on China, those AFP bases will be the subject of retaliation.


Opposition to EDCA was made in various forums. Legislators wanted that deal to be subject to ratification by Congress. The matter was raised to the Supreme Court — which ultimately ruled that EDCA was legal.

Carpio edca sign

Finally, all the above serve as deductions to clarify one fact: with Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio as chief justice, America rules the Philippines.


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