The links between US-CIA / NGOs and so-called “Filipino” think-tanks, media, and “experts”.


In his article, del Rosario admitted the role of USA in the SCS dispute after lying about the US involvement for years:

“During the impasse at Scarborough Shoal with China, we were approached by the US, an honest broker, for both China and the Philippines to agree to a simultaneous withdrawal of ships from the shoal…”

When did the US ever become an honest broker? Did Del Rosario forget that the US has been BETRAYing the Philippines since 1898, killing millions of Filipinos along the way…or is it because…
While still the Foreign Affairs Minister in 2015, Albert Del Rosario used his official position as the highest “Filipino” diplomat to endorse the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) official launch of  the U.S.-Philippines Strategic Initiative in D.C… whose interest is he promoting?
Del Rosario was also the Philippines’ ambassador to the United States in 2001 when US military activities in the PH increased… Aquino then appointed him as secretary of foreign affairs in 2011.

More “TANK” than “THINK”?

The “think-tank” ADRi, which Albert Del Rosario is the chair, claims to be “an independent strategic research organization” but presents only alleged experts views that are clearly pro-USA, pro-militarization, and anti-Duterte views.  The links to CSIS is presented in the ADRi website.
A year after ADRi was founded, the initiative widely known as the US-Philippines Strategic Initiative (USPSI) was established together with top Washington think tank, Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Philippine Trade Foundation.

How can the media call ADRi “independent” when as the oldest Philippine newspaper report:

ADRi is the Philippine partner of Bower Group, an American research and lobby group based in Washington, D.C. The head of Bower’s Korea operations was a former CIA analyst and deputy intelligence officer in the US National Security Council…

Cloaked as written by “experts”, its publication Spark

is an anti-Duterte brochure, with the institute’s academic pretensions shed off by sweeping statements such as the President “shielding China from global criticism” and the economy under him confronting a “perfect storm.”


CSIS is headed by retired US military generals and funded by US-Foundations that have a record of funding local media and NGOs worldwide to destabilize countries that disobey the US.
CSIS Open Society

CSIS Director Greg Poling wants to speed up the militarization of the PH as a US base.

Inquirer and Rappler call Greg Poling as an Expert, and quotes him like one quotes the Bible.
Can the investigative journalists investigate the ADR’s links to CSIS?


Open Society and its billionaire funder George Soros are banned by many countries for destabilization plots. One common thread among the countries that Open Society targeted: Countries that aim to protect their countries from US economic control. Said another way, countries with an INDEPENDENT FOREIGN POLICY.

Soros Hungary expel
Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 4.46.43 PM

Rappler ADMITS links with George Soros.

Rappler Soros
The media blindly use satellite-images from CSIS-AMTI that supposedly show China activities in the SCS, yet DO NOT SHOW the US military-NUCLEAR warships and submarines in the area?
How come Inquirer, Rappler, ADRi are SILENT on US MILITARY ACTIONS & ABUSES in the Philippines, in the region, in the world?
Rappler CSIS
The US has more NUCLEAR-MILITARY weapons in the SCS than China and other claimant countries combined!
In fact the US-military is INSIDE the Philippines… and has been going around the Philippines since 1992 even when the PH government and people voted to kick them out in 1992…
Note the article is dated 2007.PCIJ admits US military in mindanao
Note the report is dated 1992-2007.
speaking of violating PH laws… the US has been caught LYING about storing nuclear weapons inside the PH, which they know is against the Constitution…
US store nuclear nukes in PH
Under EDCA, Aquino and Albert Del Rosario officially allowed the US to bring nuclear, biological or chemical weaponry and deadly offensive military drones inside the Philippines and the Philippines has no power to inspect or object the entry.
senators edca flaw_inq
Aquino and Albert Del Rosario lied to the people to rush the signing of EDCA, which the Senate called ILLEGAL!
(Remember Manila was destroyed by Japan during WW2 because it was an American base… then the US bombed it again to weed out the Japanese!)
How can the Filipinos expect others to respect its sovereignty when she allows the biggest war-machine USA to blatantly abuse Philippine sovereignty and make it an American war base?
Is it because provoking Duterte to militarize the Philippines means more arms sales for the USA military-industrial complex?


Washington’s Asia-Pacific strategy has gone from maintaining primacy over the region for decades to increasingly desperate attempts to salvage its now waning influence.
US propaganda media Thailand.png
Documents leaked by WikiLeaks reveal that the USAID invested some US$15 million in 300 “civil organizations” in Venezuela between 2004 and 2006, using the premise of protecting human rights and education.
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.07.33 PM


Why are these supposed nationalists provoking Duterte and pushing the Filipinos to go to war against China for the USA?

Truth & Peace.


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