LIES that BIND: President Aquino / Albert Del Rosario LIED to the WORLD

The FACTS, in response to the LIES peddled by the pro-Aquino groups / fake-news makers  who are trying to COVER-UP the series of MISTAKES / LIES…

Worse, instead of correcting their mistakes or let others do so, they attack Duterte, demonize China, and glorify the war-hungry USA that is pushing to militarize the whole world… at the RISK of PROVOKING the Philippines to WAR?

FACT #1:
In 2012, Aquino & Albert Del Rosario MILITARIZED the Scarborough (Panatag) FIRST and ENDED up LOSING IT…

  1. Under former President Aquino, the Philippines was the FIRST to MILITARIZE the Scarborough (Panatag) in 2012 when Pnoy ordered the NAVY’s BIGGEST WARSHIP (conveniently given by the USA)  to confront the Chinese fishermen.
  2. Isn’t it too timely that the US “gives” a NAVY* ship and the Philippines uses it to provoke China? (*JUNK equipment from the US that need to pay for disposal are sold to PH for value!)
  3. When the Pnoy administration FAILED to manage China’s response, the Philippines called FOUL and went back to Big Brother US… when the Big Brother US realized how the Philippines FUMBLED the whole plan, the US refused to help the PH… so the PH ended up SUED China.


AQUINO’S BLUSTER THAT LOST US PANATAG: April 12, 2012. Note caption: PH’s biggest warship .. was deployed to Scarborough Shoal after Navy surveillance ships spotted eight Chinese fishing vessels there.”

FACT #2:
Former DFA Secretary Albert Del Rosario and DND Secretary Gazmin LIED to the Filipinos and to the world about China building CONCRETE BLOCKS when the blocks were actually placed there by the USA, as the AFP later admitted.  

Albert Del Rosario LIED to the Filipinos and to the world that almost STARTED a war and NO APOLOGY or punishment was ever made…

Here’s the timeline:
September 3, 2013: INQUIRER first SPREADS the concrete blocks LIE that almost started a war, without checking blocks | inq.png

September 4, 2003: Ex-Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert Del Rosario SPREADS the LIE in the local media…
China blocks scarborough | rappler

September 5: Ex-Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert Del Rosario LIES to the block del rosario reuter.png

October 25, 2013: AFP admits the US, not China put the concrete blocks in Bajo de Masinloc. NO APOLOGY was ever made. NO ONE PUNISHED.Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 7.36.55 PM.png

Ex-DFA Secretary Albert Del Rosario ALLOWED the USA to be a dubious broker, FORGETTING that the USA has repeatedly BETRAYED, INVADED the Philippines, and even MASSACRED the Filipinos just for FUN!

FACT #3:
Ex-DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima LIED & TRIED to COVER-UP EVIDENCE of the PH Coast Guard SHOOTING and KILLING an UNARMED Taiwan Fishing Boat.

  1. When the PH Coast Guard SHOT & KILLED an old Taiwanese fisherman, the DOJ tried to COVER-UP the evidence.
  2. It took three months before the whole video was released.  Here’s the full video that clearly shows the PH Coast Guard INHUMANE killing of the UNARMED Taiwan fishermen boat.
  3. Video shows PH Coast Guard Shooting at fleeing Taiwan fishermen boat.
  4. De Lima refused joint investigation. You kill someone and they request for joint investigation, and you refuse?  What did the Philippines have to hide?

de lima taiwan shooting

How can the media keep quoting LIARS and WARMONGERS? Now they are demonizing China to provoke Duterte into a shooting war? Only the USA profits from war!

EDCA, sold by ex-President Noynoy Aquino and Albert Del Rosario, made the Philippines an official US Warship.  EDCA creates MORE RISKS for the Philippines.  China never built a military base in the South China Sea before EDCA.  In fact, the Philippines was the FIRST to build a military base back in 1975.

airports in SCS.png

Dear Philippines,
We Filipinos need PEACE & DEVELOPMENT.
We have more than 100 million mouths to feed.

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