(In reply to FALSE / MALICIOUS ALLEGATIONS made by PRO-WESTERN Philippine media that Chinese Coast Guard took fish from the Filipino fishermen in Scarborough)

It is NORMAL for fishermen in the middle of the vast oceans to ASK EACH OTHER FOR SMALL ITEMS.  For CENTURIES, fishermen BARTER and SHARE in the nationless ocean as brothers without borders.

ph-ch barter.png

This was ADMITTED by the fishermen themselves in a public interview on June 11, 2018:

“Kada kinukuhanan sila ng isda, binibigyan sila ng noodles, sigarilyo, at pinakaimportante tubig dahil palagi silang nagkukulang sa tubig,” he added.

(Every time they give away the fish, they, in turn, receive noodles, cigarettes, and most importantly, water– which is a rare commodity in the middle of the ocean.)

To send a media on a TROUBLE-FINDING EXPEDITION, and FINDING NONE, only to draw on past incidents for a few fish is NOT WORTH the TRIP…

Traditional relations between fishermen, farmers, scientists go beyond a several-minutes-video that is INCONCLUSIVE and ONE-SIDED, and for media to headline a BASELESS ALLEGATION from that is therefore MALICIOUS.

Why should we let USA STIR PHILIPPINE MEDIA to stir hatred of Chinese only to PROVOKE WAR that Filipinos have to fight for USA MILITARY PROFITS?


  1. PH Coast Guard under the former President Aquino ARRESTED Chinese fishermen, STRIPPED them, STOLE their belongings, and IMPRISONED them;
  2. …KILLED an old Taiwan fisherman boat after running after the unarmed boat and killed the Taiwanese… PH DOJ under Pnoy & De Lima LIED about the video evidence for several months and REFUSED TO APOLOGIZE when lie was exposed;
  3. In airports, corrupt officials used to routinely EXTORT, STEAL MONEY and items from China tourists and OFWs.
  4. AMERICANS POINTED GUNS at Filipinos after US WARSHIPS CRASHED in the Tubbataha Reef that crossed PH water without informing PH.
  5. US NUCLEAR-BATTLESHIPS CONTINUE to pass in PH territory and do not even give PH government notice, as admitted by Lorenzana.
  6. Americans don’t ask for fish, they just RAPE and KILL and PH have NO CUSTODY on US CRIMINALS KILLING FILIPINOS.  Japan, South Korea and other countries don’t allow this!

The massive donations , gifts, added taxes by Chinese trade and commerce with the Filipinos thru centuries; and each year , all the scholarships, the debt forgiveness in billions are not mentioned by the media, and AMBOYs can only point to 2 PIECES OF FISH requested by a “Chinese-looking” man months ago because the Western-media were unable to find issues to provoke.


How come the media has NO MENTION of bombing of Syria based on fake evidence?  US FAKED ACCUSATIONS of chemical attack that were PROVEN NOT TRUE.

In case you guys care to watch, We have several more videos to show evidences from around world that media were faked.  EMAIL US:

Should we listen to the WAR-HUNGRY US-Military who just reneged on Iran who complied on denuclearization, and continue to provoke North Korea (even with the Libya Model), after North Korea destroyed its nuclear facility and released American prisoners… with the US continued refusal to a mutual demilitarization?

And all Amboys can point to are a few fish, of course not ideal… but to stir a war?

Right after Carpio and Golez , Rappler, PDI, etc.. again LIED about the the Paracels? when the Vietnamese ACTUALLY STOLE more of our islands? NO INVESTIGATION or PUBLICITY of the Vietnamese and American aggressive / war posturing military activities in the area?

Why not COMPLAIN about that? …Is it because the Viets gave a party and paid for the liquor and PROSTITUTES?

Instead of REPEATING NONSENSE which has no perspective? Why dont we try to move towards POSITIVE DEVELOPMENTS, and APPRECIATE THE INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS happening.


USA wants war, DIVIDES COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE as part of “DIVIDE & CONQUER” … why is Philippine media letting them do it?

China, Russia and others are not perfect, but dealing on reasonable basis.  On the other hand, USA people are our friends, but USA government has continued to BETRAY and INVADE countries, and has a record of using MILITARY to resolve disputes which has NEVER WORKED, for decades now.

LET US EXAMINE the objective facts, comparative for example last 30 or 50 agreements around the world that the USA pushed for and their DESTRUCTIVE RESULTS IN THE LOCAL ECONOMIES, compared with those with China,  Russia, also the Philippine Govts’… before we FRAME OUR POSITIONS and stance…

What are the US and AMBOYS doing for us?

Even UK, France, Canada, Germany are now PISSED at USA, and Filipinos are still lapping up all the US feeds.

merkel trump g7.jpg


Of course we need to GUARD OUR NATIONAL INTERESTS and ACT INTELLIGENTLY, we need to do that even among our family members.

Let us compare the COMPROMISED POSITIONS of the AMBOYS— the supposed experts, columnists and “investigative” reporters involved that only present one-side, and no competent alternative perspective.

In the centuries of relations, China never invaded the Philippines, only traded and established friendship. In less than two years, the Americans betrayed, massacred, invaded the Philippines, until now. We can look at the evidences period by period.

Filipinos must STAND UP for OURSELVES… It begins with having and PRESENTING the TRUTH.

For alternative verified facts and perspectives, pleaseEMAIL US:



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