China Ships since 2017


  • US, for decades, has had over ten times more aircraft carriers, nuclear warheads, and military bombers in the South China than all the neighboring states combined. US-CH SCS
  • In fact its annual military budget is $700 billion, bigger than the next eight countries combined (including China and Russia).  It spent over $1.5 trillion on a single warplane.  Sold $350 billion in military weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is bigger than China’s annual military budget…all during peace time?  Those bombs have to be used someday?wolrd_military_spending_barchart_large.png
  • US military has been operating in secret INSIDE the Philippines since 1992, even after the cancelation of the Bases Agreement, that was supposed to have kicked US military out of the Philippines. us-military-presence-map1
  • US poured billions in unreported military operations in Mindanao for decades.  Then ISIS, one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist groups suddenly appears in Mindanao in 2016?  Remember SAF 44, Zamboanga Siege, dozens of kidnappings…  So much for US security and intelligence?PCIJ admits US military in mindanao
  • Remember: The Philippines was one of the worst destroyed cities in World War 2, because we were an American base!
  • The South China Sea is an area disputed by several countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, China, and the Philippines. military bases spratly_with_flags
  • In fact among the claimant countries, Vietnam and the Philippines were the first two to have military bases in the area, since 1970.  China was the last claimant country to build a military base in the South China, only in 2016—six years after the US “Pivot to Asia” that officially began the increase of US military presence in Asia, and two years after Former President Aquino signed the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) that allowed the US military to have nuclear war-ready bases inside the Philippines! airports in SCS
  • In the thousand years of relations, Philippines and China only traded, assisted each other in times of need, and established friendship.  In the one hundred year of friendship US and Japan BETRAYED, INVADED, and MASSACRED the Filipinos.  Until now, even we Filipinos cannot have custody of Americans who rape and murder Filipinos!  Filipinos cannot inspect US military bases!  Do not even have the right to ask the US what the Americans are doing… all INSIDE the Philippines.senators edca flaw.png
  • Why is Inquirer’s reporting bias and one-sided? 


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