America’s Military in the PH Threatens to Turn Asia into a WARZONE!

The Philippines and Vietnam built their first military occupations in the SCS in the 1970s. China and Brunei are the only two countries left without a military base until 2016… China was forced to build on the South China Sea after Aquino invited the US back with nuclear-ready military bases (EDCA) inside the Philippines!

China is not stupid to let the world’s greatest threat to peace build military bases in its backyard!  The Philippines should be smarter!

airports in SCS

China is the Last to Occupy Islands for Military Purposes, necessitated by:

  1. US record of embargoing, betraying, invading countries (23 countries in past 20 years).
  2. US continued blatant violations of UN and International Laws.
  3. Former President Aquino inviting the US military BACK inside the Philippines, even the Filipinos cannot inspect and powerless to stop US from bringing in NUCLEAR WEAPONS! (The US has already been caught lying to the Philippines more than once!  When will we ever learn?)
  4. China, as the second largest economy and highly dependent on trade, needs to protect peace by defending the South China Sea from US Military Adventurism.

Number of Occupations in the Spratlys by Countries
Vietnam has 48 outposts; Philippines, 8; China, 8; Malaysia, 5; Taiwan, 1.

military bases spratly_with_flags.jpg

China does not need war to get the resources, it has developed into the second largest economy through partnerships via trade and commerce…rather than invasion and economic colonialization!  It developed into the second biggest economy within 30 years, uplifting 700 million out of poverty, and threatening to surpass the US economy in a few years.

Smart businessmen benefit from peace, not war…only the US military complex, and the American spokespeople pretending to be “Filipinos” profit from war…

Only the US and Japan betrayed, invaded, massacred the Filipinos…when did China?

How can we Filipinos forget the abuses, killings, and rapes by US military on Filipinos… the Americans don’t even let the Filipinos have custody of American criminals in the Philippines! While China allows the Philippines to jail convicted Chinese criminals!

Is an American criminal worth more than a Filipino?

Countries that find US military operations in the area end up in warzones!

China is not stupid to let the US build military bases in the Philippines, and stand idly by.

China’s actions are intended to DEFEND PEACE and PREVENT US MILITARY ABUSES in Asia.US-CH SCS

Filipinos need to be smarter!  


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