The Real Story behind the South China Sea

  • US has started wars in 23 countries in the past 20 years, based on false news.
  • US already declared pre-emptive first strike for nuclear weapons… was even caught storing nuclear weapons in the Philippines… Then Aquino invited the US back under EDCA!
  • US lied and betrayed Iraq, Libya, Egypt, East Europe.  Turned them into warzones, killed over a million civilians, made millions more in refugees, created ISIS that is spreading terror worldwide.
  • China’s activities in the SCS are for defense to prevent the US from turning the area into a warzone.  EDCA is to blame!
  • Don’t make the Philippines a frontline of US proxy wars!

Inquirer, Star, Rappler headlines Beijing’s latest moves to militarize the South China Sea but fail to mention:

US already militarized the Philippines under EDCA. Two weeks ago, Americans inaugurated its first of five military bases in the Philippine MAINLAND! We Filipinos are not even allowed to inspect or prevent US from bringing nuclear weapons on our own land! How can we expect any country to respect us?

US bases in the Philippines mean we are the front-line in any US wars in the area, like the grass that gets trampled on when the two elephants are at war!  FRONT-LINES in US military adventurisms are the first ones massacred!  (Philippines in WW2, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Libya)… even the US even bombed Manila to the ground!

US has 800 military bases worldwide while China has less than 10. US military bases worldwide have been used as staging grounds to embargo, strangle, invade, and then destroy countries that disobey the US.  US sold $350 billion in war materials to Saudi Arabia…bigger than China’s military budget…so much weapons during peace time? 

US has more US warships, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines in the SCS than all the claimant states combined.


US, Syria and Fake News
US latest military adventures saw 105 bombs used on Syria based on “evidence” that has since been proven fake (remember the fake Weapons of Mass Destruction that the US used to invade Iraq? Killed more than 1 million civilians and turned Iraq into warzone, created ISIS that is now terrorizing the world, including Marawi—only Duterte has been able to stop ISIS, the rest of the world with ISIS are in warzones).

In the past three months alone, US bombed Syria not only based on fake evidence but only a day  prior to international investigation, unilaterally proclaimed Jerusalem the capital of Israel that destroyed decades of peace efforts, threatened to nuke North Korea when North Korea offered peace, and now threatens Iran with war after Iran fulfilled its obligations in a deal …US in clear violation of UN Charter and international laws in all cases.

China is not stupid to let the US military roam around in the South China Sea and the US even made the Philippines the US newest military warship.

On behalf of all the Filipinos, don’t put the Philippines in the frontline of US proxy wars!

Why are we listening to WAR-MONGERS Inquirer, Rappler, Misters Alejano, Batongbacal, Golez, Carpio who are silent on US abuses of Philippine sovereignty, violations of international laws, and provocations that are destabilizing the world?

Even the US ambassador admitted the Philippines CANNOT even have custody US criminals, rapists, murderers? Are Amboys worth more than us Filipinos?

Filipinos are peace-loving, no one benefits from war—except the American military complex and their AMBOYS.


US made the Philippines a military warship
Former Aquino government officials admitted in a Senate hearing the Philippines has NO RIGHT to inspect the American bases and the US can even store “WAR-WEAPONS” in Philippine soil and we Filipinos can’t do anything about it.  This is after Wikileaks revealed that US has been lying to the Philippines for decades when the US said it did not store nuclear weapons in the Philippines– in YOUR FACE LIE!

China is not stupid to let the US build nuclear bases in the Philippines!  The Philippines should be smarter or we will be bound to repeat history!

Where is Inquirer and Rappler on news of US aggressions, betrayals, and lies worldwide?

Last to Occupy Islands for Military Purposes
The Philippines and Vietnam built their first military occupations in the SCS in the 1970s. China and Brunei are the only two countries left without a military base until 2015.

How can you be the second biggest economy in the world and not have a military base in the South China Sea?

In the thousand years of relations, China has only traded, did business with the Philippines.  On the otherhand, Spain, US, and Japan betrayed, raped, massacred the Filipinos!  

Yet we Filipinos love…more? Do we Filipinos know something the rest of the world don’t?

How can we Filipinos blindly follow the US when every global survey shows most of the world think US is the GREATEST THREAT to world peace.

For more fact the media don’t want us to know

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