US: Biggest Violator of International Laws

The US is the #1 invader and violator of international laws, with a long record of destabiliting and militarizing independent states and turning them into warzones (Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iraq, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Libya, Syria).

And the record continues:

  • US UNILATERAL BOMBING of Syria without waiting for UN investigation just a day later… what was the US hiding?
  • The 105 missiles the US used to bomb Syria came from US warships “crossing” the area under the guise of “FREEDOM OF NAVIGATION”.
  • So-called “Filipino-Experts” Batongbacal, Carpio, Alejano, Golez continue to defend the US warships even crossing Philippine waters (like loyal and well-paid spokespersons?) when the US even dares to tell the Filipinos we have NO RIGHT TO BE INFORMED, as Defense Secretary Lorenzana himself admits!

Inq_Lorenzana admist_No right to inspect USA

  • US and UK LIED ABOUT THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in Iraq as a false pretext to invade Iraq. More than 400,000 CIVILIANS DEAD, millions of families made into refugees, and the creation of ISIS later… NO WMD has ever been found. Now, IRAQ IS A WARZONE and ISIS IS SPREADING TERROR and destruction worldwide, including the Philippines.
  • Is the US-UK doing it again in Syria?
  • It was only Duterte’s decisive leadership and the VALOR AND SACRIFICES OF OUR MILITARY that saved the Philippines, for now.   The Philippines under Duterte was able to stop ISIS in 10 months while the ISIS CONTINUES TO RAGE TERROR in US controlled areas!
  • The US betrayed Iraq and Libya, after they ended their nuclear programs.  The US INVADED AND HAD THEIR PRESIDENTS MASSACRED… That’s why North Korea and the Philippines cannot trust the US! When North and South Korea were making progress for the peace talks, the US sent a Navy Warship in the Korean Peninsula and tried to block South Korea!
  • The US unilaterally named Jerusalem the capital of Israel (a city shared peacefully by the Jews, Christians, and Muslims for centuries) destroying decades of peace talk and threatening another wave of instability in the Middle East. Then when the UN voted against the US, the US BLACKMAILS the UN with funding cuts of $300 million to the UN and another $70 million to the UN Relief Agency.

We must DEMAND MORE RESPECT, TRANSPARENCY from the US and Japan… the two countries that MASSACRED and RAPED hundreds of thousands of Filipinos! And EXPLOITED, BANKRUPTED, and took over the assets of our economy!

In the thousand years of relations, China has only traded and did business with the Philippines…CHINA HAS NEVER COLONIZED OR INVADED the Philippines.

In fact the Chinese have FOUGHT AND DIED for the Filipinos in every war against Spain, Japan, and the US.

The world believes the US is the GREATEST THREAT TO WORLD PEACE….

Do we Filipinos know something the world doesn’t?

Share Truth & Protect Peace

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