Open Letter to INQUIRER: Mischief on the Filipino Public?

Dear Inquirer,

Why did Inquirer MISREPRESENT using the headline “Philippine Reef” when the real name is Mischief or Panganiban Reef? Is this Inquirer being mischievous or is this PAID PROPAGANDA?

The exact name is important because this area was already occupied by China since 1995, several administrations before Duterte.

Why does Inquirer demand Duterte to do something now at the risk of starting a war when the PAST FOUR Philippine Presidents DID NOT DO ANYTHING about the issue for over TWENTY YEARS?

In fact, then Former President Ramos even had a KARAOKE SESSION with then Chinese President Jiang Zemin after the so-called 1995 Mischief Reef Incident.

Four presidents and hundreds of politicians REMAINED QUIET for the past twenty years and you want Duterte to provoke China now what others dared not do?

Misters Alejano, Zarate, Pangilinan,Batongbacal, Golez, Carpio, Almonte will continue to do a DISSERVICE to the peace and road to progress enjoyed by the Philippines if they don’t READ UP ON HISTORY? Though they may have free trips to the USA, most of us Filipinos will stay in the Philippines when your warmongers make the Philippines a shooting ground between USA and China?

(Not the first time the Philippines lost an island out of sheer negligence?  Read: Philippines lost an island to Vietnam over beer and belly dancers!)

China activities in SCS are in RESPONSE TO US MILITARY ILLEGAL ADVENTURISMs worldwide. In fact for decades, the US has had more US warships, aircraft carriers, and submarines in the SCS than all the claimants combined. US spends more than $700 BILLION annually on military, bigger than the 8 countries combined… 55% of its disposable budget are spent on the military, BIGGER THAN ITS TRADE DEFICIT and the US dares BLAME OTHER COUNTRIES for its problems!


Last year, the US warships had an UNPRECEDENTED NUMBER OF COLLISIONS with civilian ships that have killed dozens, including students. Was the US held accountable?

As the second largest economy that is heavily dependent on trade, China is NOT STUPID to trust the US, which has a history of INVADING and BETRAYING other nations.  In fact based on world survey in the last decade, most of the world believes the US is the GREATEST THREAT TO WORLD PEACE… do we Filipinos know better?

Read: US started 23 wars in 20 years

China is building up its military presence to PROTECT PEACE and commerce for EVERYBODY’S BENEFITS.  This is only after other countries have been building their military operations in the area for decades…


The Philippines and Vietnam had built their first military occupations in the SCS in the 1970s, China’s repeated PROTESTS were IGNORED. Why do we blame China now when we were the ones who did it first and even allowed the United States to use them?

According to a 2015 US Congress Report by the US Assistant Secretary of Defense:

  • Vietnam has 48 outposts; Philippines, 8; China, 8; Malaysia, 5, Taiwan, 1.
  • In the past 20 years, China has not physically occupied additional features.
  • By contrast, when the Philippines was busy going after China, Vietnam had doubled its holdings, and much of that activity occurred in post 2010, under Former President Aquino. The Vietnamese occupations appear to have increased from 30 to 48 in the recent years.
  • Until as late as 2015, all territorial claimants, with the exception of China and Brunei, have already built airstrips of varying sizes and functionality on disputed features in the Spratlys. The Philippines have it also in Thitu Island. Vietnam, Malaysia, and Taiwan have bigger military installations.
  • Vietnam and the Philippines had engaged in reclamation works even before China started.


The Americans BETRAYED US IN 1898 when they said they would help us and ended up taking over from Spain, then they massacred us in Balangiga, then they stored nuclear weapons in clear violation of the Constitution!

EDCA allows US to store war materiel that US can use to attack other countries from the Philippines!

The 2012 US-brokered deal also LOST us the SCARBOROUGH SHOAL, then we blame China.  Shouldn’t the media ask Former President Aquino and Foreign Secretary Del Rosario for the truth?  Remember how we lost the Philippines in 1898 when the US said it will help us?

China is NOT STUPID TO STAND IDLE and let the US make the Philippines another military base that allows the US to store and launch offensive military weapons from the Philippines!

Read: PH not allowed to have custody of convicted American criminals in the Philippines… even promoted the American admitted murderer!


Picture of Chinese military cargo in Mischief Reef given by a “Source” every week without verification… is this PAID PROPAGANDA?

The Philippine defense secretary himself admitted we don’t have the capacity to monitor US warships and NO RIGHT to inspect US warships in areas, yet we always get images from “Sources” against China ?  Where are the images of US warships, aircraft carriers, submarines ?  Has Inquirer become a US-Paid Propaganda ?

The PEACE we now enjoy is thanks to the Independent Foreign Policy and personal diplomacy of Duterte and Cayetano.

Our future generations will NEVER FORGIVE US if we make the Philippines a US Military Aircraft and Frontline and start a shooting war with China?

The Chinese have FOUGHT AND DIED for the Filipino people and her freedom… HELPED FUND every Philippine revolution against Spain, US, and Japan.

The US and Japan have  Massacred Hundreds Of Thousands of Filipinos and our generation is blindly inviting them back !

China offers concrete assistance in INFRASTRUCTURE AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS including the building of roads, bridges, and transportation and irrigation systems that directly benefit the Filipino public.  Benefits made available for the Filipinos because of Duterte’s Independent Foreign Policy.

Is Inquirer anti-Filipino?

The rest of the world is rushing to develop, while we focus on propaganda that destroys or derails Filipino development.

As Pope Paul VI said, “peace is development and development is peace.” It is up to the Filipinos to make the Philippines better, stop the blame and propaganda and start the constructive road to progress !

Dear Inquirer:


Give us OBJECTIVE VIEWPOINTS, educate us on ALTERNATIVE NEWS, to help us become more productive citizens.

We, the Filipino people deserve the truth… we can do better!

We expect nothing less from your distinguished organization.

We offer our assistance to provide facts, stories, presentations to your organization, if you are willing to give them the light of day.

Lest the Inquirer be labeled as PROPAGANDISTS FOR THE US?

Or worse,


In pursuit of fairness, and in the interest of world peace, sincerely yours,

Veritas Pax

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