The Philippines is now an official US military aircraft carrier


Recently the first US base in the Philippine mainland under EDCA was inaugurated.

Inquirer and Rappler headlined the arrival of the US military in the Philippines colorfully, failing to give the complete context and consequence for us Filipinos.

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The US made us its military base with EDCA under former President Aquino.  Why was the signing of the agreement rushed and done without public consultation? What was the US and Aquino hiding?

In fact 15 Philippine Senators OPPOSED EDCA ~led by the late-nationalist Sen. Miriam Santiago.

US bases in the Philippines mean we are the front-line in any US wars in the area.  FRONT-LINES in US military adventurisms are the first ones massacred!  (Philippines in WW2, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Libya)

Let us remember: The Philippines was the most destroyed US-allied city in World War 2… the US even bombed Manila to the ground!


How can we expect other countries to respect us when we invite the US back after they have massacred, betrayed, raped, and abused us?

We Filipinos are NOT EVEN ALLOWED to have CUSTODY of CONVICTED American murderers, rapists, child-molesters who commit a crime against a Filipino within Philippine territory!

Remember US Marine Pemberton who dunked the Filipina’s head in the toilet bowl ?

The US is admittedly the biggest violator of international laws, #1 invader of other countries, and has a record of militarizing states and turning them into war-zones!

American military not only has five military bases in the Philippine, it has ALREADY BEEN OPERATING in the country… foreign military operations in the Philippines is  against the Constitution!

Where are the investigative reporters?

Under EDCA, the Philippines DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to inspect areas used by the US military INSIDE THE PHILIPPINES!

The PROPAGANDISTS would say the US is in the Philippines to protect the Philippines.

The Truth: According to EDCA, the US is NOT AUTOMATICALLY BOUND to come and protect the Philippines.  The fine line states:  “the US needs the approval of the US Congress”… which basically means US can vote down any “committed” assistance to the Philippines for whatever reason!

The US has already refused to send us much-needed-arms when the Philippines needed them the most, until China and Russia offered to give help!

heydarian_will America help us_scarborough_1heydarian_will America help us_scarborough_3

In fact OBAMA himself publicly said the US IS NOT BOUND TO HELP the Philippines in the South China Sea “since the area is disputed”, in contrast to a firm commitment to help Japan… Are the Filipinos worth less than the Japanese? Yet Former President Aquino allowed the US to OPERATE in the Philippines MAINLAND!

How come the news do not present these facts to the public?

The news touted the Philippines is allowed to inspect the areas under EDCA.

The Truth: The fine print reveals that the Filipinos are only allowed to inspect the “WAREHOUSE” but NOT THE SENSITIVE AREAS or where the US military personnel operate… How can Filipinos accept this continued US abuse of Philippine SOVEREIGNTY!

Then as now, the Philippine authorities are powerless in preventing the entry of these weapons of mass destruction given that whatever “access” is allowed does not carry the right to inspect on either prepositioned materiel or mobile vehicles such as nuclear-armed warships and warplanes.

The Truth: In 1995, a Top Secret document revealed that the U.S. stored as many as 70 NUCLEAR WEAPONS in the Philippines during the cold war.

Nuclear Weapons in the Philippines is AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION.

Where is the news on this abuse?

And now the US military is here again… all over the country!

When will we Filipinos learn from our history?


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