US Bombs Syria… Clear VIOLATION of International Law

US Bombs Syria… Clear VIOLATION of THE UN Charter.  The UN Charter sets out clear rules for when military force is permitted.

  • US Defense Secretary himself admitted only a day before that there was no clear evidence of Syrian use of chemical weapons.
  • Why did US rush bombing without giving chance to UN-agreed investigation which Syria welcomed?
  • Creates next-ISIS that our generation and our children’s will be paying for!

US bombing of Syria day only days before UN agreed to send inspectors in Syria. What is US hiding?

Syria is a sovereign nation.  Assad is legitimately elected. What is stopping USA from bombing other countries? US does not respect SOVEREIGNTY!

What’s stopping the US from bombing Iran, North Korea, Russia, China next?

How can anyone trust US? US UNILATERAL bombing of a sovereign country VALIDATES world survey US greatest threat to WORLD PEACE / least trusted country!  Only the Filipinos…?

America spends:

  • $14 trillion in wars
  • $2 trillion in one airplane
  • $700 billion annually for military spending, more than next 10 countries combined, in peacetime?  Where will all these weapons go?

Compare and Contrast : Syria and Iraq

US unilateral airstrikes on Syria without concrete evidence and investigation

Repeat of Iraq?  Did not even allow time for inspectors.

Remember when Colin Powell lied to the UN and later admitted !

US Secretary of Defense Mattis: No concrete evidence Syria used chemical weapons… the US has not presented additional public information to prove Syria used chemical weapons.

Let us not forget USA first to use Chemical Weapons: Two Atomic Bombs in Japan and Agent Orange in Vietnam (warning: graphic images) that continue to destroy lives decades later !

Repeat of the lies and fake news that led to Iraq Invasion

UK government investigation found Tony Blair lied in Iraq.

Western countries wars and unilateral attacks on peace will create next generation of terrorists!

Over 1 million civilians have been killed in the Iraq Invasion that was based on FAKE Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) presented by the US-UK.
US-UK even admitted they lied to the UN… No weapons of mass destruction (WMD) has been found.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya are now in WARZONESUSA created ISIS that has since created havoc in the rest of the world, including the Philippines!


Lest we forget:

Steve Jobs was a Syrian. He created APPLE, the most profitable American company.


The US wars have killed millions, and created millions more of refugees.


Except for USA military complex.

Where is the media report?

Share the truth, protect peace.


Up next…

  • UK so-called evidence against Russia turns out to be duds.  Every British official on the line retracting their statements.  ALSO REFUSED JOINT INVESTIGATION ON SKRIPAL CASE AND HIDES ALL EVIDENCE … PLANNING TO PROVOKE MORE WARS?  Western countries accusing Russia even when No-Proof… is this a preparation for war?
  • US blames other countries for trade deficits when USA have spent more than trillions in wars?



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