Is the US preparing for another war?

Recently, the US threatens to unilaterally withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal, a historic agreement for peace praised by countries worldwide.  This is after Iran fulfilled its obligations as confirmed by all the other Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany, and even by the IAEA Chief himself. 

iran vs USA invasion

Moreover, even US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared in September that Iran is in “technical compliance” with the nuclear deal. The same month, US General Joseph Dunford expressed his position in a written statement to the Senate Armed Services Committee: “The briefings I have received indicate that Iran is adhering to its JCPOA obligations.” In October, US Defense Secretary James Mattis told a hearing at the House of Representatives that Iran was abiding by its obligations under the deal.

Is this the reason Trump replaced Tillerson with war-hawk Pompeo who has publicly  advocated war with Iran?

Is Asia next? 

Why did Former President Aquino make the Philippines an American base under EDCA, frontline in US’s wars.  Frontliners are the first ones killed!

Some “Filipino” warmongers criticize China for its activities in the South China Sea but fail to mention that the US has had more US warships, aircraft carriers, and submarines in the area for decades


Recently there has been a record of collisions by US warships hitting civilians ships and killing civilians on board, including high school students.

Lest we forget, countries that find US military in their areas end up in warzones!



How can anyone trust the US? 

Maybe that’s why the world feels the US is the greatest threat to world peace.

Nobody benefits from war. Bullets never feed hungry mouths.

Please share the truth and protect peace!

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