US: War-Hawks and Torturers

  • US led by War-Hawks & Self-Professed Torturers
  • Use fake news to promote wars WORLDWIDE 
  • Admit ENJOYING torture sessions 

Newly appointed US National Security Advisor Bolton is the architect of US wars, advocates first-strike policy worldwide.  US State Secretary Pompeo personally supervised US torture programs worldwide, and CIA-Director Haspel nicknamed “Godmother of torture” even admits to enjoy the torture.  US publicly announces willingness to use nuclear weapons as first-strike, when China and Russia pledged “no-first-use”.

US National Security Advisor Bolton was reported, by his own subordinates, to fabricate reports to support US wars.

Even US Secretary of State Powell ADMITTED he used FAKE NEWS of so-called WMD to the UN that the US used to justify the Iraq Invasion (even when the UN inspector told the US he FOUND NO EVIDENCE OF PROHIBITED WEAPONS PROGRAMMES.)

$2 trillion later and more than 400,000 civilians dead, no WMD was ever found. 

Iraq has been made into a warzone, the creation of ISIS continues to terrorize the world, and US and UK companies took over the country’s natural resources, which was planned even before the invasion (as declassified documents later revealed).

Lest we forget:
US-led Iraq Invasion created ISIS and other terrorists groups that have even spread to the Philippines.  Even the US Vice President Joe Biden admits US allies continue to fund ISIS.

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