3 EXPOSéS This Week: Japan’s projects are more expensive than China…

Why do some Philippine media and so-called “experts” continue to spread lies against China?


  • Japan projects are far more expensive than China.
  • Naming rights of undersea features is part an INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION–naming is never ownership.
  • Only the US and Japan have a history of betraying, invading, and bankrupting the Philippines.


Japan’s loans are 7 to 8 times more expensive than China’s loans on a per kilometer basis, even if Japan’s interest rate is lower. No one decides on a loan based on interest alone.  One’s decision includes the total package price, per unit, delivery time, quality and reliability, among other considerations.

WorldBank reports that China’s rail is one third cheaper than other countries.  Japan’s higher unit cost, even with the lower interest rates, is still four times more expensive after 20 years.

As other countries race to build their infrastructure, the Philippines should not be left behind, focusing on squabbles and fabricated headlines!  The continued  destabilization campaign in media without any verification on China demonstrate yet another crab mentality that is DETRIMENTAL to the Philippine development. 

Our globally-recognized economic managers are working hard to fast-track development by taking advantage of available foreign partners who can help the Philippines accelerate the infrastructure plans which will translate to less traffic, more efficient  transport of goods and services, and cheaper cost of doing business.  Even the USA (Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston), UK, Indonesia, and Thailand have bought Chinese trains.

Why do the media quote lawyers and warmongers who have no achievements to boast of except shouting out FALSE or MISLEADING headlines?

China does not try to derail US or Japan projects even when these are far less advantageous.  But why does US and Japan look like they are spoiling for a fight?

Why does the media continue to listen to people, green-card holders and American citizens doomsayers derailing development projects that are vital for our country to move forward?  Why are we letting them make our country the frontline in a conflict?


Benham Rise is named by the US after US Navy Admiral…Philippines is named given by Spain.

The US has been surveying for a hundred years and our Philippine government admits we don’t have most of the data until today.  While China invites the Philippines onboard even when it was not required and willingly shares the data with the Filipinos. Our Filipino scientists work hard to push the borders of science, collaborating with foreign partners, yet the media listens to pro-US “Filipino” lawyers who advocate conflict?

We cannot even inspect the US military bases inside the Philippines, or punish US violators of Philippine laws.  Even our Defense Chief admits the US does not have to inform us when they are in Philippine waters.  China supports the Philippines jailing Chinese citizens who violate Philippine laws.

The US has mapped everything, even to our individual houses (Google) and Philippine features under the sea, even space… does the US own all of them?  Naming has never been ownership.   

After a so-called “maritime LAW expert” who keeps showing malice in misdirecting the public, posted the news in his FB account, the media vilified China for being awarded 5 names in the Benham Rise and for proposing names to 142 ocean features worldwide since 2013.  The media and arm-chair experts fails to mention (on purpose? under the instructions of ignorant experts?) that the INTERNATIONAL naming body also awarded Japan 34 names in underwater features in disputed areas, and had 169 applications worldwide during the same time period.

The USA has been awarded hundreds of thousands of names.  What about US, Germany, Japan names of species, geographic, inter-planetary features, etc… are they claiming ownership of outer-space?

The decision on the naming rights was made by an INTERNATIONAL committee under the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO and the International Hydrographic Organization, composed of 88 member-states’ scientific organizations. Does the noise-makers plan to challenge every international protocol?

Naming discoveries is part of millennia tradition by international scientific community to motivate scientists and explorers to push the borders of discovery for humankind but how come the media, lawyers and naysayers focus on the pettiness and only on China?  Fails to mention that USA, Germany, Japan, France, and even Pinoys name discoveries in other lands?

Don’t we Filipinos have better things to do?  Are disputing international protocols in naming discoveries the Philippine’s foremost national priorities to warrant headlines?


Some media continue to spread lies that China will invade the Philippines, when even after a thousand years of friendly relationship and even when China had the largest navy in the world in several eras in history, China has never invaded the Philippines. 

Contrast this to the US and Japan.

USA and Japan have not only invaded, but lied, betrayed, raped, and murdered the Filipinos and took over all the resources and utilities, not to mention dozens of other countries.  

Lest we forget:

Here’s a list of US atrocities in the Philippines… how Japan raped and mutilated Filipinos:

“…Hospitals were set afire after their patients had been strapped to their beds.  The corpses of males were mutilated, females of all ages were raped before they were slain, and babies’ eyeballs gouged out and smeared on walls like jelly.”

The only way to make good decisions is to have true and full information and look for ways for country to MOVE FORWARD instead of focusing on conflict, hate, and war.



Truth & Peace.

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