Rappler: Be careful of false prophets…

“Be careful of false prophets. They come to you looking gentle like sheep, but they are really dangerous like wolves. You will know these people by what they do. Grapes don’t come from thornbushes, and figs don’t come from thorny weeds. In the same way, every good tree produces good fruit, but a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. Every tree that does not produce good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. In the same way, you will know these false prophets by what they do.” Matthew 7:15-20.

Why does Rappler keep making completely baseless fabrications, without investigation, that sow fear or misinformation among the Filipino people? Or is this part of the US propaganda machine?

“Bots, Assange, an alliance: Has Russian propaganda infiltrated the Philippines?”

Why does Rappler accuse Russia based on groundless allegations, while there are no reports on US actually being caught multiple times of spying worldwide, even admitted by US officials themselves?

hand-microphone-mic-holdHere’s some reports, even from the honest American media:
Secret program gives NSA, FBI backdoor access to Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft data.

Do you notice how ADs on your computer seem to be related to the keywords you searched or emailed on your Google or Facebook?

US National Security Agency admitted that it monitors calls of 35 world leaders, including allied countries, after whistle-blower Edward Snowden exposed classified documents.

When the US could no longer hide the evidence, they just admitted it!


Rappler links Julian Assange with Russia, but fails to mention that the Wikileaks is a WHISTLEBLOWING platform that has been a thorn in the side of the US government, army and spy agency for a decade by publishing secret government papers online.

What are some of Wikileaks most damaging exposes?

  • Revealed how the US military killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents.
  • This was eclipsed by the Iraq War logs – some 391,832 field reports – the biggest leak in the military history of the United States.
  • They recorded hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths – many more than had previously been admitted by the US government or media.
  • Some 700 civilians including pregnant women were killed by US troops at checkpoints.
  • Software was also allegedly developed by the CIA to hack into people’s smartphones, computers and cars– which the US government later admitted when the evidences were too many and damaging to dispute!

Perhaps one of the most damaging was the thousands of published Hillary Clinton emails that exposed unprecedented levels of corruption, abuse of authority and illegal invasions by the US government.

Maybe that’s why some people are very pissed at Wikileaks…

Can we believe Wikileaks?

In its 10 year history, not one single leak has ever proven to be false or disputed by the US government. If the leaks were false, everyone implicated in them would have immediately and aggressively denied their claims rather than simply change the subject in speculating if Russia did it.  For more hard proof, read this source.

The Russia connection?

Since Hillary lost the 2016 US elections, Hillary has accused Russia’s hand behind it.  Yet there has been no proof that Russia ever interfered in US elections or responsible for the damaging leaks against her. There is no definitive proof, even Hillary herself admitted that the allegations are only theories that it “could” be Russia.  Yet Hillary has failed to provide any proof to counter the facts the exposes revealed!

It is like the wife confronts the husband for having an affair and the husband replies by accusing the neighbor of marital interference!

How come Rappler reports on “could” rather than “proof”?

“The reason for this constant claim by the media (as if it is 100% truth) is to cover up from what is actually in the damning leaks and get your attention onto “evil” Russia. This immature approach by the US propaganda machine, in conjunction with other recent foreign policy blunders, has led to increased levels of tension in the world, not seen since the Cold War.  Julian Assange has strongly indicated that insiders in the DNC and US government are responsible for the leaks, including hinting at one DNC insider who was killed shortly after the DNC leaks.”

Regardless of who the hacker is, it does not take away from the validity of what is actually in the leaks.



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