Eerily Silent on US Military INSIDE the Philippines

Why are some so-called Filipino “experts” QUIET on American MILITARY WARSHIPS in Philippine Waters, even inside the Philippines, but RAISING HELL over Chinese SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH VESSELS that not only informed, but even invited the Philippines to COOPERATE, even when this was not required of China?
Explainer: Benham Rise- the Real Issue.

  1. In fact the US does not even bother to inform the Philippines whenever its military warships cross Philippine waters, as Lorenzana admitted in Inquirer.  In fact, it was China who informed the Philippines of the presence of the US warships.
  2. Lorenzana himself admitted in the Inquirer, “we do not have a say in whatever the Americans do in the South China Sea… they do not inform us beforehand of their activities there.”  How can the we expect other countries to respect us when we do not demand the same from the US?
  3. We cannot even jail or have custody of US rapists and murderers on Philippine soil.  On the other hand, China accepts the local laws and punishments for crimes committed by its citizens on foreign soil.
  4. Exposes have proven that the US repeatedly lied to the Philippines and the US did store nuclear weapons in the Philippines.  The US knows very well that the Constitution PROHIBITS nuclear weapons in the Philippines.  How come these “Filipino-experts” are silent on the clear US military violations of the Philippine Constitution, and yet make so much noise with a Chinese scientific research program, recognized worldwide, that even had the courtesy to ask the Philippines for permission and invite us to cooperate?
  5. How can we Filipinos accept the fact that Filipinos are not even allowed to inspect US bases even on OUR soil under EDCA?
    senators edca flaw_inqsenators edca flaw
  6. The US military operations that have been clandestinely proliferating for decades all over the country were made official under EDCA by Former President Aquino, in a non-transparent, rushed deal in 2014 to accomodate Obama’s visit.


US still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad.  Britain, France and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined.

US military presence in the Philippines since 1992, even after the abrogation of the US-PH Bases Agreement:


Have we Filipinos forgotten that Manila was the most bombed city in WW2 because Japan and US made Manila their battleground?

Please share the truth, defend peace.

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